Eharmony: The Best Site for Marriage?

datings site for marriage

Dating sites come in all shapes and sizes. There are even sites for people who are looking to have an affair. But among the less controversial sites, one service reigns supreme when it comes to its ability to create lasting relationships like marriage. That site is Eharmony.

But that doesn't necessarily mean Eharmony is the best site for you. It all depends on what it is that you want. If you are at that point in life when you are ready to settle down and find a lifelong partner, then Eharmony is the most obvious choice. To date, Eharmony has been responsible for over a million marriages, which is a claim that nobody else can make. So if we are to judge dating sites on cold hard facts, Eharmony is the undeniable winner when it comes to marriages.

One thing that is hard for many people on Eharmony to do is cede control over their dating to an algorithm. Indeed, it is the Eharmony algorithm that does the job of matching you to other members. You are not even allowed to search for members on your own; instead, the algorithm delivers matches to you every day. You can then review those matches and communicate with the ones you are interested in. Check out the Eharmony free trial at if you want to find out more about eharmony and better understand how the site works. At the front-end, you'll have to invest more time in a site like Eharmony (you have to complete a long personality test as your first step after signing up), but as over a million people will attest, the extra trouble is well worth the rewards that may be in store for you.