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Kayla Gibson is an internationally-acclaimed certified personal/group master fitness trainer, licensed Zumba instructor offering private one-on-one fitness training, partner fitness training, special event fitness, fitness program design, sport-specific performance training serving Nassau County, Suffolk County, Hamptons Long Island and New York City, New York. The Hamptons is located on Eastern Long Island in the State of New York. Hamptons Fitness Trainer covers all areas of The Hamptons including the incorporated Villages and unincorporated Hamlets of the Town of Southampton and the Town of East Hampton: North Haven, Quogue, Sag Harbor, Sagaponack, Southampton, Westhampton Beach, Westhampton Dunes, Bridgehampton, Eastport, East Quogue, Flanders, Hampton Bays, Northampton, North Sea, Noyack, Quioque, Remsenburg, Riverside, Shinnecock Hills, Speonk, Tuckahoe, Water Mill, Westhampton, East Hampton, Sag Harbor, Amagansett, Montauk, Napeague, Springs, Wainscott.

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Are you looking for a certified personal fitness trainer on Long Island, New York with many years of experience in personal training, personal fitness training and fitness instruction? You've come to the right place! Certified personal fitness trainer / group fitness instructor Kayla Bibson prides in her over 7 years of career as a certified personal fitness trainer / group fitness instructor and is available to help you to achieve your goals. Kayla is the #1 New York certified fitness trainer and is working in Nassau County, Suffolk County, Hamptons, Long Island, New York.

A Healthy Love Life Matters too


Sometimes we get so caught up on eating healthy, working out, and taking care of our bodies at the expense of other things that matter, such as emotional health. One of the best things that can be done to improve your emotional well-being is to be in a loving relationship. Recent findings show that people who are happily married living longer, healthier lives compared to those who are single or divorced. Moreover, something as simple as receiving hugs can cause your body to become stronger and less vulnerable to disease through a boost in the immune system.

But a potential problem for many of us is time. Who has time to go to bars, parties, or other places where single people hang out to find a significant other? Such activities can end up costing a lot of money. What's more, the bar scene is not for everyone. This is one of the reasons, I believe, that online dating has become so popular. You can stay at home and still meet eligible singles living nearby. The power and convenience of having such a tool cannot be underestimated.

The best all-purpose dating site I've found so far is Match.com, and I have many friends who similarly like this site. What's great about Match.com is that it puts you in control of how you want to approach your online dating. The website provides a venue for you to meet other single people, but the rest is up to you. You can search people using your own criteria, and contact them as you like (assuming you have a subscription that is up-to-date). While the site does offer some matchmaking tools, I always liked just going out and searching for matches of my own accord. If you are still single, then I think it would be a good idea to get a Match.com free trial and check the site out. It may or may not be the site for you, but it doesn't hurt to see what the site is all about. But be warned: the site can be a bit addictive. On occasion, I've found myself on Match.com for several hours at a time.

Some Surprising Facts About Online Dating

One of my interests is online dating, and over the last couple weeks, I've been doing some research about it. In this article, I thought I'd share some of my findings.

1. Only 1 in 5 people have tried online dating.
This quite frankly surprised me, since I would have guessed that the number would be higher by now. It seems that for whatever reason, there is a segment of the population (maybe they are old-fashioned) that resist the idea of finding love online. The ad below from Match.com captalizes on the hesitance some people still have toward online dating in general.


That said, online dating is a huge, multi-billion dollar industry, and I believe it's just a matter of time until the majority will have tried this form of dating.

2. Women get harassed in surprising numbers on dating sites.
According to a recent news story, the worst offenders are on Tinder and Okcupid. But regardless of the site, it seems over half the women get harassed. While males get harassed as well, the incidence of harassment among males is much lower.

3. 1 out of 3 people in relationships met online.

Remember the stat earlier that only 1 in 5 have tried online dating? Well, it turns out 1 out of 3 people in relationships met online. There seems to be a discrepancy in the numbers, but maybe people are meeting online outside of dating sites, such as through games, social media, and other outlets. Nevertheless, being online is a major way in which people eventually get into relationships.

4. People who meet online have longer, happier relationships.
The statistics on this aren't overwhelming, but on the whole, studies show that people who meet online are more likely to be happy about their relationships, and more likely to stay together.

All said, the things I've read paint a pretty good picture of online dating. It seems to work well for quite a few people, and it's something I believe everyone should try. I personally like Match.com, and you can get a match.com free trial if you want by going to dating advice sites.

Even if you have a reluctance to join a dating site, I always tell people to withhold judgment until they've tried it. I have a few friends who resisted the notion at first, then eventually wound up in a successful relationship as a result of using a dating site later on.

Eharmony: The Best Site for Marriage?

datings site for marriage

Dating sites come in all shapes and sizes. There are even sites for people who are looking to have an affair. But among the less controversial sites, one service reigns supreme when it comes to its ability to create lasting relationships like marriage. That site is Eharmony.

But that doesn't necessarily mean Eharmony is the best site for you. It all depends on what it is that you want. If you are at that point in life when you are ready to settle down and find a lifelong partner, then Eharmony is the most obvious choice. To date, Eharmony has been responsible for over a million marriages, which is a claim that nobody else can make. So if we are to judge dating sites on cold hard facts, Eharmony is the undeniable winner when it comes to marriages.

One thing that is hard for many people on Eharmony to do is cede control over their dating to an algorithm. Indeed, it is the Eharmony algorithm that does the job of matching you to other members. You are not even allowed to search for members on your own; instead, the algorithm delivers matches to you every day. You can then review those matches and communicate with the ones you are interested in. Check out the Eharmony free trial at http://onlinedatingtrials.com/eharmony.php if you want to find out more about eharmony and better understand how the site works. At the front-end, you'll have to invest more time in a site like Eharmony (you have to complete a long personality test as your first step after signing up), but as over a million people will attest, the extra trouble is well worth the rewards that may be in store for you.

The Road to Great Health Requires Baby Steps


It's always nice if you can cast aside all bad, unhealthy habits and adopt a healthy lifestyle overnight. But for most of us, a more realistic approach is to take baby steps. For anyone who smokes, this can often mean replacing your bad habit with a habit that, while not great, is still a lot better for you. In this case, I'm talking about electronic cigarettes.

The reason e-cigarettes work so well in replacing your smoking habit is that they still contain nicotine. So by using an e-cigarette, you still give your body what it craves, and your body will not necessarily need to go back to smoking since it's getting what it needs from the e-cigs. But one benefit of e-cigs is that, while it delivers the nicotine, it does not contain all the other nasty things traditionally found in cigarettes. I'm talking about smoke, tar, carbon monoxide, and the many harmful chemicals found in cigarette smoke. So when everything is said and done, your body is much better off for making the switch.

E-cigarettes can be complicated, as you've not doubt found out if you've done any research on them. A good way to start is to keep things simple at the outset. I recommend getting the Cirrus e-cigarettes from a company called White Cloud, since they are easy to use. You can get the White Cloud starter kits at a bargain if you use the coupon codes and White Cloud promo codes available from E-cigbargains. You don't necessarily have to buy a starter kit, but in the long run, they end up being the best deal for you as you get everything you need in one convenient box, and you usually save a bit of cash as well.

Once you've used e-cigarettes for a while, you may want to move on to more complex setups. This is of course a personal choice, and not everyone does this. But more often than not, vapers become quite passionate and like to experiment with different flavors and different batteries. If you can, however, it's best to give up vaping eventually as well, to ensure optimal health.

Business Checking Tips


Every businesses uses checks, and in this article, I will offer some advice on how to order checks that have the most impact. I'll also be discussing how you can get good deals on professional looking checks by using Deluxe Checks coupons.

Make no mistake. The checks your business uses are very important for creating a positive impression for your business. You should think of them along the same lines as you would think of business cards. A good, well-produced business card makes your business seem trustworthy. A flimsy business card on the other hand does not evoke a positive image. The same can be said for checks. If you issue big checks that are well-designed, it increases the trust that vendors and customers will place on your business. It's all about image.

So where can you go to get high-quality checks? My recommendation is Deluxe, which has a one-hundred year history of providing checking products to financial institutions and small businesses. Deluxe's checks are compatible with all major accounting programs, and they offer a wide variety of products, including laser checks as well as high-security checks. And if at some point, you decide to go completely electronic, Deluxe eChecks are an option you can always upgrade to. So whether you decide to continue using paper checks or start using a more advanced solution, Deluxe is a company you can stay with to do both.

Checking products are not something I'd skimp on, however, if you do wish to save some money on your orders, here is what I do. First, I make sure to place my orders online using the Deluxe online shop. Second, I search online for Deluxe Checks online coupons from sites like Business-Reviews.com. And lastly, I tend to place larger orders because I have noticed that I get a better overall price when I order a lot of checks at once.